How I Met Your Mother

The last eight years, I have not been following the sitcom, How I met Your Mother, but thanks to a certain website that lets its subscribers watch reruns of shows and movies, I have been able to jump onto that part of television culture.  I like the show.  I think it’s brilliantly crafted and the way […]


I am writing just to let you all know how amazing Smallpools is.  For those of you who have never heard of Smallpools, it is a band THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!  Sorry, I know that using all caps and several exclamation points makes you question my credibility and seriousness as a writer, but I can’t oversell […]

Disney is Changing

Today I was watching Disney Channel and I noticed something new.  Now, before any of you judge me for being outside of the seven-year-old girl demographic, let me explain.  Occasionally, when nothing else is on, I watch Disney Channel.  The good shows remind me of simpler times and the bad ones guide me into my […]

642 Things to Write About

I recently bought a book titled, 642 Things to Write About and the name just about says it all.  The book gives its reader prompts followed by space to write the reader’s answer.  Prompts range from Write a letter to the reader of a novel you haven’t written yet to A person is standing on a soapbox in the park, yelling […]

Public Broadcasting

Here’s my big idea: the United States should create it’s own equivalent of the British Broadcasting Corporation.  We need a television station that can deliver news that isn’t tainted by bias.  Now before some of you attack me for being contemptuous, let me explain.  The major broadcasting companies are owned by big corporations (NBC is […]

Calling All Grammar Nerds!

I have a problem with incorrect grammar.  It genuinely bothers me when people can’t even speak their own language correctly.  I can deal with the difficult stuff (nauseous vs. nauseated), but when people mess up basic second grade grammar, it upsets me.  It’s on social networking sites like Facebook that I really see the worst […]

Half the Sky

I recently began reading Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.  I haven’t really gotten that far because I have a tendency to read anything that looks interesting to me, so I am currently reading six books, and a fast progression can be difficult because of this.  Like I said, I’m not […]