I am writing just to let you all know how amazing Smallpools is.  For those of you who have never heard of Smallpools, it is a band THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!  Sorry, I know that using all caps and several exclamation points makes you question my credibility and seriousness as a writer, but I can’t oversell these people.  Listen to Dreaming and you’ll know what I mean.  Actually, listen to any of their song; they’re all good.  All of the songs have these catchy melodies that make you want to get up and dance.

Now for some good news, bad news Remy Charlip style:

Fortunately: These guys have amazing songs

Unfortunately: The band’s only been together a couple of months

Fortunately: You can’t tell!

Unfortunately:  Since Smallpools hasn’t been around that long, they only have recorded about four songs

Fortunately:  All of the songs are deliciously fantastic!  In most albums, there’s only four or five songs that are good enough to listen to Over and Over (song from album)!

Please give them a listen!

*I know this is the second post that I’ve done on music I like.  This probably won’t be my last.  


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