Sorry, I’ve been gone  a little while.  The last few weeks might possibly have been the busiest of my whole life thus far, but I won’t bore you with the details of that; I have another subject that I need to write about.


By now, you have probably heard of her, the brilliant song-writing kiwi (New Zealander, not the fruit).  I am obsessed with her.

Lorde’s most famous piece of music is Royals.  In the song she explains that she and her friends don’t need money to be happy. Then there’s Team, which is new, and Tennis Court.  Here’s the chorus because I especially love it:

Baby, be the class clown

I’ll be the beauty queen in tears

It’s a new art form showing people how little we care

We’re so happy, even though we’re smiling out of fear

Let’s go down to the tennis court and talk it up like yeah

Breathtaking, isn’t it?

After falling in love with all of her songs, I decided to check out Lorde’s music videos.  At first, I was a little confused.  Tennis Court just showed her on a dark set lip syncing only with the ominous “yeah”‘s in the song.  In the music video for Royals, all we saw was normal teenagers doing underwhelming things.  Why would someone put in the effort for such an insignificant video? I wondered, but then I got it.  Flashiness would have destroyed what Lorde is trying to get across.  She knows that she doesn’t need fancy costumes or choreography to make her songs mean something. They do that on their own.

Did I mention she’s only sixteen?  And she writes all of her songs?  When an artist like this is finally recognized by millions upon millions of people, I can’t help but do a nice fist pump because an for the first time in awhile an actual talented person is topping charts.  No more Blurred Lines or We Can’t Stop.

Oh, and have you seen her hair?  It is magnificent, and that’s coming from someone who generally does not care about hair.  Her hair is huge, but controlled,  long, but not hippie-like, and brown, yet not mud-colored.  Lorde’s hair is what I think my hair looks like until I look in the mirror and see that it’s given me three extra inches of height and has pieces of food stuck in it.

I love everything about Lorde and as long as she keeps making music, I’ll keep buying it.


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