How I Met Your Mother

The last eight years, I have not been following the sitcom, How I met Your Mother, but thanks to a certain website that lets its subscribers watch reruns of shows and movies, I have been able to jump onto that part of television culture.  I like the show.  I think it’s brilliantly crafted and the way it is told is very unique, however, I do have a problem with it.  Or rather two.  I don’t like half of the main characters, specifically Robin and Ted.  First, Robin.  I think she’s boring, stubborn, and fake.  However, there are times when I find her a smidge okay, like when she tells a funny joke, but that is very rarely.

I have an even problem with Ted.  He’s a whiner, and a loud one at that.  I mean, seriously, I know you have to be loud for the camera, but Ted, you’re waking the martians!  I also hate how pretentious and know-it-ally (I know it’s not a word, but just go with it) he can be.  And his hair.  A running gag is how much time he spends on his hair, but it looks awful.  Sorry, that was shallow and mean, but I needed to get it out of my system.  Also, it’s weird how much he looks like Jimmy Fallon, right?

When Robin and Ted decided to move to Argentina in that one episode, I was like, “Yes!  This show will be awesome now!”  But then they didn’t, so it wasn’t.

As for the other characters, I have no problem with them, in fact, I kinda like them.

Lily.  She is fun and sweet.  She is also artistic and paints pretty amazing paintings.  I also like that she isn’t perfect.  Unlike her friend, Robin, Lily has real faults that aren’t “being too pretty makes my life hard”.  Real problems makes Lily easier to relate to and better to watch.

Barney.  Barney is hilarious.  He makes me laugh the most out of all the characters.  I like his magic tricks and I like his suit.  I have no problems with him.

Marshall.  My favorite thing about Marshall is that he is simultaneously the smartest and dumbest character on the show.  I don’t know how, but it works.

Sorry.  I know a lot of you like Robin and Ted, but I really can’t stand them.  That’s why I wrote this, because I’ve had trouble finding someone who feels the same way.  Bye!


One thought on “How I Met Your Mother

  1. I can’t stand Robin and Ted either, on their own they are funny… the Pineapple incident has me laughing so much at Ted, Robin has her moments too but the two of them together? Kill it with fire!!!

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