Public Broadcasting

Here’s my big idea: the United States should create it’s own equivalent of the British Broadcasting Corporation.  We need a television station that can deliver news that isn’t tainted by bias.  Now before some of you attack me for being contemptuous, let me explain.  The major broadcasting companies are owned by big corporations (NBC is owned by GE and ABC by The Walt Disney Corporation) and the shows are funded by big company advertisements.  If you were a broadcasting company, would you be more concerned about telling the whole truth, or about keeping the people who pay the bills happy.  The answer is easy for most broadcasting corporations and unfortunately, we Americans are being taken as fools.

And for those of you out there who would like to counter with PBS (or whatever other public broadcasting stations exist), let me ask this: how many times have you ever throughly enjoyed a show on PBS?  If that number was more than three, answer this: how many times have you throughly enjoyed something on PBS that wasn’t educational or in a historical setting?  I think I’ve narrowed down the options to almost none.  And this is my point.  Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy sitting down for an hour or two to learn about the African savannas and the Edwardian era is one of my top twenty eras, but sometimes what we need is to laugh.  I think that public broadcasting can be revolutionized.  Shows similar to what is popular on ABC or FOX can be popular on this channel and give those big corporations a run for their money.  These new shows would bring more viewers and a wider fan base.  With more viewers and a wider fan base, the channel could begin to sell merchandise to fund its shows (this is how BBC makes a large sum of its money).  Best of all, the news station on this channel would be the best around because it would be the most creditable.  The news station wouldn’t have the heavy pressure of conveying a positive message of its parent company(ies) or advertisers; its only concern is bringing the whole truth to the public.

I don’t really see much problem with this idea, but that might be me idealizing it too much.  For those cynics out there let me remind you, there would be no commercials (except, well, for the occasional, “This program is brought to you in part by… and viewers like you”)!  Let me say it again; there would no commercials!  No people smelling garbage cans scented like flowers, no more dogs running after bacon, just TV!  Isn’t that what most people want?  Aren’t commercials just the bane of your existence?

This is just what I think.  Please, let me know if you agree or disagree!


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