The Grammys

Whoever directed the Grammys must’ve been doing cocainebecause the only word that I can think to describe it is weird.  I don’t have a habit of watching the Grammys every year, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if this strangeness is an anomaly or not, but it definitely was weird.   Probably the weirdest parts of the show were hearing that Kendrik Lamar and Imagine Dragons were doing a collaboration, along with a performance of Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder and Pharell Williams together,  and another of the Macklemore team (Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Mary Lambert), with Queen Latifa and Madonna.

Upon hearing each of these, I looked up to the ceiling and thought, “Why?”  and then I questioned my motives for watching this awards ceremony at all.  These groups seemed like they had been picked from a hat and would likely end in embarrassment for the performers and agony for the audience.

I was so wrong.

Somehow these messes turned out to be genuinely enjoyable.  The beat and energy was uplifting so literally that everyone got out of their seats.  The first of these people though was Taylor Swift doing her gangster moves in an unironic fashion. You could just see the faces of the people behind her  thinking My God Taylor, please stop embarrassing  yourself.  But other than that, the performances blew me away.

And then there’s my girl, Lorde.  Her appearance at the Grammys just reinforced my absolute fascination with her. Lorde’s performance was quirky but riveting.  She sang her popular song, “Royals” (which by the way earned her two Grammys) and her live vocals were so beautiful I had to sing along with her.  I am so proud of that little kiwi!

There were a few stars that I believe fell a little flat.  Pink, for example, flew around above the crowd doing an acrobatic routine whilst failing to even pretend that she isn’t lip-syncing.  Then she burst into a whole dance-ish thing in which she held up a man with the pure power of her quadricep.  It was a great trick and all, but I couldn’t help but wonder if she was only doing it to showcase her strength or if she thought it really worked with the song.  Then Nate Ruess came on stage and the two sang their duet.  Nate was adorable.  It seemed he wasn’t quite sure what to do so he just kinda stomped his leg every few seconds.

I didn’t like the piano performances.  Beautiful, but really, a bit boring.

And then there was the duet of Sheryl Crow and Sara Bareilles.  Two of the mushiest artists in music sang together.  It felt like a commercial for a kids’ show.

My big dislike of the Grammys is their discrimination towards alternative music, a love of mine.  Yes, there is a category reserved for alternative albums, but that is just one category, and even then many of the alternative songs of this year are not represented.  Modern Vampires of the City  won, but that makes sense, so I’ll leave it alone, but what about all the other great songs?  This was a GREAT year for alternative music and artists besides the big ones, you know like Lorde and Vampire Weekend, deserve to be commended for their work.  How about Bastille?  Capital Cities?  CHVRCHES, maybe?  It seems like every other genre of music except alternative is well represented at the Grammys.

That’s all for now.  Hope you enjoyed my rant!  Feel free to comment below!


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