Religion is a controversial topic and I’ll try my best to not offend anyone, but no promises.  If you have a different opinion, feel free to leave a comment.

I was raised Roman Catholic, but these last few years, I’ve been drifting away from my beliefs.  I don’t know why this is, but it probably has to do with the fact that I disagree with almost everything the Church tries to teach.  I don’t believe that gay marriage is sinful.  I believe that whether or not to have an abortion is a right given to the impregnated woman.  Most of all, I believe that my virtues are mine, and not to be decided by a man and his followers who lived over two millennia ago.

I don’t think that we should do good just because we’ll be rewarded (heaven), and not do bad because we’ll be punished (hell).  I personally think this is selfish.  When doing something good, your focus should be on helping that other person or trying to improve the world, not on what you’ll get out of the deal.

It detest when people say “God does everything for a reason” because really, God , leads instances of war, natural disasters, sicknesses because its all part of his plan?  What sick God does that?  Which leads me to my next point, when all of these things happens, where is God?  When he sees his people suffering, what does he do?  Nothing. No, instead he just judges them when it’s their time to die like he’s so deserving of that job.

One of the commandments is “Keep the Sabbath day holy”; I some point I knew which one, maybe the third?  But my point is that going to church cannot make you a better person.  There are rapists, murders, elephant thieves, whatever, that go to church.  Does that make them better than me because I don’t?  I don’t think it’s right to believe that going to church automatically makes you a good person.

The scariest thing though is that God might not be real.  I’m afraid of just disappearing when I die.  Total and complete oblivion.

Then I’m afraid that God is real and I’m going to Hell for thinking this way.

I do have respect for people who are able to believe so deeply in their religions.  If only I could have faith in such abstract things, I might be more at peace.  So, kudos, it must be great being grounded in your virtues.

Sorry if that sounded sarcastic; I really don’t mean it to.

Despite all this, I still pray to God each night, begging him to give me a sign that my beliefs from my childhood weren’t false.  I don’t know; maybe someday I’ll get my answer or maybe I’ll spend the rest of my life asking questions.  Or maybe I’ll just find peace somewhere in between.

Good luck with your respective religions.  I hope that I haven’t made you hate me for challenging any doctrines that are a part of your religion.  Like I mentioned earlier, feel free to comment and voice your opinion on the topic.


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