Disney is Changing

Today I was watching Disney Channel and I noticed something new.  Now, before any of you judge me for being outside of the seven-year-old girl demographic, let me explain.  Occasionally, when nothing else is on, I watch Disney Channel.  The good shows remind me of simpler times and the bad ones guide me into my ranting mood.  I’m not in second grade anymore, but Disney still makes me happy.  Anyways, the channel has these segments during the commercials called “Make Your Mark” in which kids show how they have made a difference or followed their dreams.  Usually, these things are kind of cheesy, but this one wasn’t too bad.  It was about this one kid who made documentaries that looked like pretty professional stuff, but that’s not my point.  During this segment, the boy introduced his family which included his sister and his two moms.  This is the first that I have seen of Disney (ABC and ABC Family not included) showing any consideration when it comes to the gay community.  When it comes to gay issues, Disney has played it safe, not wanting to lose viewers because a difference in beliefs.  However, if Disney is making the step, though minuscule and cautious, I think it will usher in changes for Disney, and if Disney is okay with it, maybe we can all learn to be okay with it.

I think that by portraying gay people on children’s television can show children at a young age that being gay is normal.  Maybe after this goes on for a couple of decades, all of the hatred will go away.  I know I’m getting a little excited over something so insignificant, but I think change is good, and I’d like to see it before the end of my lifetime.


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