642 Things to Write About

I recently bought a book titled, 642 Things to Write About and the name just about says it all.  The book gives its reader prompts followed by space to write the reader’s answer.  Prompts range from Write a letter to the reader of a novel you haven’t written yet to A person is standing on a soapbox in the park, yelling at passersby.  What’s going on?  The idea is to get the reader’s (writer’s?) juices flowing and inspire him or her to be more creative.  For example, I responded to one of the prompts and it filled me with the compulsive need to write a post about the book.  I highly recommend it for you writers out there who want to let new ideas into your head organs.  The prompts are very creative and are usually at least a bit humorous.  If you ever find love in your heart to shell out seventeen bucks for a book that you’ll write half yourself, you will enjoy your purchase.


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