I’m Back!

I’ve been gone a while, and sorry if any of you depended on my posts to get through the day.  That would be awesome if you did, but I kind of doubt that happened.  I was away in Chicago, one of the most amazing cities in the world.  The food was delicious.  The entertainment was well, entraining.  And Chicagoans (if that’s the right demonym) as a whole are very delightful.  I even got to see the bean!  If I could live in that bean, I would, no hesitation.  My bed could go on that little curved part in the middle.  The best part was probably the museums.  We only had time to go to two of the major ones, but what we saw was beautiful and awe-inspiring.  First, the art museum.  Though a bit of a pricey museum, it is definitely worth it.  There was this interesting exhibit on impressionist paintings and fashion.  It had look alike dresses from the models in the paintings!  So cool!  Besides the pretentious, grey-haired lady who gave me the stink eye when I started coughing discreetly in my arm, I enjoyed the exhibit.  But, as  you may know from my About Me page, my favorite paintings are not impressionist, but modern and of the surrealist type.  There were several Picasso, Dalí, and Magritte paintings.  And you must of heard of Magritte’s Treachery of Images, right?  It’s that pipe one that says “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” and it was there, though it looks different then the famous one and Wikipedia names Los Angeles as the home of the painting, so I don’t know what to say about that.  The caption did say that it was a René Magritte, so…

The Museum of Science and Industry was also something that I would see again.  Though science isn’t really my strong suit, I heard the history of the place and I was sold.  It was one of the few (or only?) remaining building from the 1893 World Fair in Chicago.  And what a beautiful building it was!  It was a perfect blend of new and old with a huge marble dome ceiling and colorful light displays.  Since this was our first time in Chicago and we didn’t know when we’d be back, we decided to go all out and go to a movie and two tours.  The movie was on space junk and was more interesting than it sounds.  The first tour was of a coal mine and was very cool.  I learned so much, for example, did you know that the state of Illinois is powered 50% by coal?  Our tour guide, Miner Mark was very charismatic and seemed to know a lot as far as mining goes.  The second tour was of the German U-505 U-boat.  Again, our tour guide was both outgoing and intelligent.  The U-boat is the only U-boat to be captured in combat and the capture is considered instrumental in the defeat of the Nazis.  I don’t consider myself a very scientific person, but I actually loved this museum.  The whole thing is very hands on, which is the best type of learning.  Did I mention it’s huge!  Like if massive and humongous had a baby, this museum would be their twenty pound infant.  I was there for six hours and I don’t think I even saw half of the exhibits!

The thing I love best about big cities is that you are never more than a few blocks from where you need to go, and if that’s not the case, subways and buses and the “L” (El?) exist.  I need to get a job in a big city just so that I can live over a Mcdonald’s and have sweet, sweet dreams fueled by the smell of deep fried potatoes.


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