Ziva David

It was just (well, within a few weeks) that Cote de Pablo will not be returning to NCIS.  Some report that it is because de Pablo wanted to explore new paths, others say that t has to do with the NCIS star demanding more money.  If the second reason is true, then GIVE COTE DE PABLO MORE MONEY!!  According to some sources, Cote de Pablo just wanted to be paid the same amount as her costar, Michael Weatherly.  That’s fair enough, right?  I don’t know if I will be able to cope without Ziva being on the show.  She is so cool that every once in awhile, she inspires me to teach myself Krav Maga through Youtube videos for whole afternoons.  I emulate her.  Ziva David simply cannot go.  However, if she does want to explore new projects, I need to respect that.  And I promise that whatever Cote de Pablo is in post NCIS, I will watch no matter how moronic.

Ziva is leaving, and I need to find a way to be okay with that.  I really hope that Tiva (Tony and Ziva couple) finally forms before de Pablo leaves for good.  After that, maybe Ziva can come back as a recurring role.  I can deal with that.  What I can’t deal with is Ziva being killed off.  I know she’s a fictional character and all, but I just might have a panic attack and cry my face off if Ziva becomes another NCIS casualty.  What would be even worse would be the writers revealing Ziva as a double agent.  I have gained such a relationship through the TV screen with Miss David and so have many other NCIS fans.  It just would be wrong to change that positive perception people have of her.  If this happens, I’ll feel as though Ziva betrayed me, and I just can’t have that.


I’m really going to miss Ziva David.


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