Tina Fey

Okay!  Here’s my first official writing piece!  Here it goes!

I understand it may be strange to write my first piece on a celebrity, but I was recently watching 30 Rock on TV and I arrived at the question, “Is there anyone out there more amazing than Tina Fey?”  And really, is there?  She is a fellow writer, but a much more successful one at that.  Tina Fey was a head writer of Saturday Night Live, probably the most hilarious satirical comedy in North America, author of one of the few endurable chick flicks, Mean Girls, and the creator of the brilliant NBC show 30 Rock.  Is there anything she can’t do?  Tina Fey really is my role model and if I can be anywhere near where she is in thirty years, I don’t think I’d ever frown.  I love how she doesn’t mind being the butt of a joke.  Often in 30 Rock Tina Fey is criticized for her looks, but it makes us all laugh!  Seriously, I love this lady.  How is she so brilliant?  I wish I could be as talented as she is.

What do you think?  Isn’t Tina Fey amazing?  Let me know in the comments below?


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