Mystery Story Part 1

Nadia whipped her head around to her friend, Ryan,”What was that?”

Ryan looked up from his homework towards where the sound had come from, “I don’t know.”

Together, they stood up and walked out of the dining room into the living room.  Everything looked fine.  No thieves had broken in.  No bats had swarmed into the house for refuge.  No tornado had bared down on Nadia’s home.

Ryan shrugged,”I guess it was nothing.”

Just then a the sound came again, but this time it was louder.  It was an indescribable sound, certainly nothing Nadia nor Ryan had ever heard before.  The sound was a mixture of a haunting moan, a child’s scream, nails scraping on walls.  It had all of the qualities of these noises, but at the same time, none of them at all.

Nadia pointed at the staircase,”I think the sound came from over there.”

Ryan looked at her, spooked, “Good god, we’re not actually going to look for where that sound is coming from?”

Nadia smiled a devious smile,”That’s exactly what we’re going to do,”

Ryan gave a disapproving face, but then hesitantly followed Nadia.  They walked slowly, careful not to scare of the source of the mysterious sound.  The two walked up the stairs, and with each step, the wooden boards squeaked as if to warn them to turn around.  Alas, they did not follow the warning and continued up the stairs.  When they reached the top, it was dark.  Ryan placed his hand to the wall to try and find the light switch.

“No!” Nadia scolded, “We don’t want it to know we’re here!”

“Jeesh,” he took his hand from the wall, “Fine.”

They walked down the shadowy hallway, nearing the sound.  Nadia and Ryan journeyed quietly with each stepped meticulously placed.  From the second door the sound was heard the loudest.

Nadia motioned to Ryan and whispered,”In there.”

She grabbed the doorknob and turned it slowly.  Nadia thanked the lord that the door didn’t squeak, but instead, opened without disturbance.  The two of them cautiously found their way to the center of the room.  With a look around, they could see nothing was awry.  It was the spare room that Nadia’s parents used to store old things.  There were filled boxes and aged furniture, but other than that, it was just Nadia and Ryan.

“I guess it was nothing.” Ryan said before he turned around to go to the door.

Nadia sighed,”I guess so.”

Just as they were at the door, it slammed closed.

“That was weird,” said Nadia.

Ryan turned the knob, but the door wouldn’t budge, “Nadia, what the hell is going on?”

Her face was pale,”I don’t know.”

They both yanked and pounded on the door, but nothing happened.  During the panic they heard the noise again.

And from the darkness a voice said, “Going somewhere?”


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