The Kardashians are one of my pet peeves.  They get paid somewhere north of sixty million dollars a year to sit around and show people their boring lives.  Then they cry because it is so hard doing nothing.  It frustrates me so much that these people get paid to do nothing while there are places in the world where children work twenty hours a day to bring home just enough money  to feed themselves.  The Kardashians’ salary could feed the whole country of Niger for the next hundred years (actually, I don’t know the statistics, but it does seem possible)!  I don’t even think that any of the Kardashians know where Niger even is, let alone point to it on a map.  And they do absolutely nothing about world issues.  They could use their riches and influence for good causes, but instead, they use it to buy thousand dollar underwear and to get on the cover of People magazine.  I just really hate people like this who think they deserve the world’s attention just because they have money.

Sorry for being so hateful.  It’s just that people like this make me sick.  Sorry.

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